March 14, 2007

Off to see the vet

November 3, 2006
Today I went back to GDA to see the vet for some bumps on my belly. The vet just said that I am so new that they are really nothing to worry about; it was just like baby pimples. After seeing the vet I met Odessa, she is going back to GDA for formal training on November 4th. I told her Denise’s first puppy in-training, Kamra, is there asked her to say hi if she could. Then I asked her if we could play for a bit and she said YES.


  1. Hi! My name is Erin and I am raising for the Guide Dog Foundation, is it all right if I link you? Oceana is beautiful!!!

  2. Yay! Another PIT blog! We look forward to reading all about Oceana's adventures :)

    Natalie and Fielder (foster puppy with dogguides canada)