March 14, 2007

She Left Me

November 3-5, 2006
Well I am not even with Denise for seven days! When I was sent to stay with Denise’s Aunt Trisha and family for the weekend; while Denise when to Disneyland for the fall MouseAdventure/ PhotoAdventure. But that is alright I had so much fun playing with Tanner, Denise’s Cousin, all weekend. SHH Tanner would take off this horrible collar that Denise put on me. I also played with Aunt Trisha’s dogs, Orion (8yr black lab), and Hope (1 ½ yr yellow lab). Star (11yr yellow lab), who is really old and did not want to play with me. I was even with Denise and Amanda, Denise’s Cousin, at the PhotoAdventure heehee, officials told everyone to have an empty memory card but Denise could not delete my photos from the card as she had not downloaded them yet. But I am famous now, I was in the walkthrough of the game a week latter. SEE. Next MouseAdventure I hope I will be old enough to go and be a part of Denise’s & Amanda’s Team (Team Disney Pups).

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