May 06, 2007

Kamra's Graduation

Well everyone has left the party to celebrate Kamra's Graduation. So now I have some time to look at the photos of the morning. Not that remember much about it, but that is went tremendously fast.

The day like most every day started at 4:30am feed the dogs get ready for the day and then take Oceana for a walk. Next it is time to set up the table and chairs for the party after graduation. Now it 8:20am and it is time to leave for GDA. I arrive and go to the screen room where the rest of the graduating puppy raisers are waiting patiently for Louise to come in and talk to us. Telling us we are going to be the envy of all the past graduating puppy raisers when they see the new pen that they give the graduating puppy raisers (two per puppy). Now it is time to go see our graduates.

Steve takes me down the hall way to Kamra's dorm room (I have never though that the dorm Hall was so long till I had to walk (Again) patiently with Steve to meet Kamra's partner) I walk in and am introduced to Bonita and the first thing I do is give her a big hug. Kamra mean while is dancing and trying to jump up at me to say hi. (that made me feel so happy that she still knew who I was. You can laugh at me saying of course she will remember you but it is all way a heart jerks when they come out of the kennel or in Kamra's case formal training happy to see you.

"Hello World I am Here!" - Kamra

After having a lovely talk with Bonita and Kamra sticking her head between my legs begging to be loved it was time for the graduates to harness their dogs. Again I do not remember much after walking behind Bonita and Kamra into the graduation Ceremony. But I do remember Bonita's story about their first instructor less walk which was a all right hand turns around the block. Bonita and Kamra were going really well and moving a long the route Bonita was humming and singing to herself when all the sudden the instructors are yelling "Bonita Stop" so they stop. Wendy tells Bonita that they just crossed a street Bonita is say no we didn't but then hears the cars go swooshing by. She bends down and praises Kamra for the good job of getting them across the street safely then the turn around and cross again. Kamra in her little independent mind was done with the boring right turns and was ready to go her own way. They have since then figured out who is in charge of this partnership but Bonita says that this incident is when she started trusting Kamra with her life.

After Bonita talked it was my turn I had not even though on what I was going to say. I still don't remember what I said I was so nerves to talk in front of all those people there to cheer on the graduates.

"I am a Laprador not a Labrador" - Kamra

Now that the graduation and parties are over I am just so happy that Bonita loves little miss Kamra and that Kamra showed me how much that she loves Bonita and that Bonita does make her happy to be her guide.


  1. You did great, Denise, and Kamra looked happy & healthy...and I LOVED Bonita's speech!

    Congratulations again. Truman and I are proud of all of you!

  2. Oh, I'm so THRILLED for you. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Of course, graduations always do. I love the pictures. We are so proud of you and Kamra!!! Congratulations!

  3. I am so proud of you and Kamra. You made such a wonderful team. Now Bonita and Kamra make even a greater team.

    I especially love the Laprador!!!! :)

    Mary Lou

  4. I bet graduation was hard and emotional day for you. But I'm sure you were very proud too! What a honor and wonderful service you have done.

    Anyway.....Love the Kamraskloset site! you have done a good job with the pictures and catagories and all. I smile seeing the doggies I know.

    TTYL, Kathi

  5. Graduation is such a great day. You and Kamra were great and Bonita's speech was so funny. I hope one day to become a guide myself. Hogan, my puppy raisers first puppy graduated in October so we know all the emotions you are going through. Congratulations again on a fantastic job....