May 17, 2007

April 21, 2007

Well the Ventura Obedience Challenge (a digital scavenger hunt) was today. Denise had a good turn out of 11 of my puppy in training friends from the Ventura and Sylmar groups with their raisers all came to play. After the first obedience Challange of sit stays and earn them their first set of points; the four teams received their quest booklets with five Quests, twenty four EyeSpys and one Bonus Quest; in addition to three obedience stops along a 2 ½ mile walk in old historic downtown Ventura. I can’t wait to see what Denise has in store for next years Challenge she is thinking maybe Westlake Village or Warner Center (Woodland Hills).

In team #4 Walden impressed us all with his perfect comes for his handler Chiapas helping earn his team 5/5 to make their final score 12/15 points at the obedience stop “COME”.

By the time team #3 came to obedience stop “DOWN STAY” they were ready to have a 3 min. break and earning 15/15 point; while their raisers found two EyeSpys in that area.

Now team #2 which I was on, were the only team to figure out how to read Quest One thanks to the very bright Kasey. Then I embarrassed Denise at the “COME” obedience stop by playing with the long line instead of coming to Terri.

The winners of the day team #1 found the most EyeSpys and correctly answered quests plus they were one of the two teams that climbed and climbed and climbed up the stairs Valdez Ally to find “El Caballo” the horse. And they scored well in the Obedience challenges.


  1. WOW, that's impressive! Sounds like you had a very busy day. I'm sure you were just making sure they really meant for you to come. I do that sometimes, just to tease my puppy raiser. That's quite an event. Is it an annual thing? What is a quest and an eye spy? Looks like you had a beautiful day! You are doing very well! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey, my mommy told me all about that day...Sounded like fun!