May 18, 2007

What is the Ventura Obedience Challenge

Ventura Obedience Digital Challenge is a fun team based competition it is part scavenger hunt, part trivia challenge, and of course obedience stops. You must find the answers to the clues by exploring Downtown Ventura. The Ventura Obedience Challenge format, teams of two to three puppies (6 months or older) and their raisers solve a collection of puzzle-based “quests” and earn points for each correct answer. The quest book will also tell you where your next obedience challenge is, this is where you earn more points. In addition to the core quests of the game, teams are given EyeSpy photos and are directed to identify the mystery pictures taken around downtown Ventura and digitally photograph it. After the game we are planning a noon picnic award ceremony at Emma Woods, were the top five teams will receive their prizes. The Route is a loop of 2 ¼ miles around the River Walk, Beach Promenade, Pier, and Downtown Ventura. Game running time is to be about 3 hours.