May 21, 2007

May 3, 2007

I was at camp GDA for the last three days for my eight month evaluation; Denise keeps saying she can't believe that I am eight months old. On my report Laura says I have beautiful obedience manners and I have no problems staying in the kennel (the kennel techs. said that Chester and I were the first puppies they would see playing every morning when they came in "I really like to play with my roommates"). But I do have something I have to work on and it is traffic. I did not do well when we took a walk along a very busy street, when a BIG TRUCK came driving up from behind me I hit the deck, dropped into a down, fell on the floor “how ever you would like to say it”; then after Laura had gotten me up I when to hide behind her legs I really wanted off that street. I did finish the rest of the walk after I did so sits and downs for Laura but I had my ears pined to my head and panted till the end of the walk. When we got to the shopping center I calmed down and walked around the pet store like I was at the fabric store with Denise (Fabric stores are very boring but we seem to go to them a lot) so I got high praising remarks for that. I also had a little trouble with the van I really did not like the loud noisy van with the slippery crates.

Now Denise's & my job is to get me use to traffic in small positive doses. We shorted our walks from the three blocks on the busy Desoto Ave. & Topanga Cyn. to just one block on each and then walk the rest of our two mile walk on the calmer streets of Warner Center (Woodland Hills, CA). To help me with my van troubles Denise asks if I can sit in one of the GDA vans for a little while if they are not being used.

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  1. Sounds like you did great - don't worry about those big trucks. I used to be scared of bicycles, but the more I was around them, I realized they weren't so scary. Good luck!