June 10, 2007

June 9, 2007

Today we when to GDA for the annual Open House. There were about 140 puppies in training and lots of full-fledged guide dogs there. Denise and I had to walk an obstacle course which included obedience, walking towards a mirror, stairs, walking on weird surfaces like Packing popcorn, sitting by a table like at a restaurant, walking by these strange hotdog plants and not eating then, greeting a giant blow up Pirate, walk by lamas, lambs, goats, ducks and other farm yard animals, getting on the vet exam table and having my ears checked, and last getting on the GDA bus and sitting quietly like we are going for a ride.
I did really well getting a 4 for my obedience and weird surfaces, 5 at the restaurant and hotdog plants, 5 at the greet the pirate and farm animals, 5 at the vet table, and then I charged up the bus stairs after Fisher, but Denise made me come back out and try again so I could do it right which I did. Denise did not see this score so thought that we got a 2 or 3 for charging into the bus, but at the end of the day; we must of received a lot higher score on the bus as we won 1st place for the 6-8 month age group puppies. All Denise can think of is that because she made me get out and do it correctly and received the higher score for that.

Waiting in line for our turn thru the puppy trails

Look here is little Camry

I saw my brother Orlando here today also I am the one on the right


Me and Tori showing of our ribbons

ARFFFFFF I'm a pirate


  1. Yay Oceana!1st place, that's amazing :)

    p.s. Camry's collar is soooooo cute!!! (and so is Camry)
    p.p.s. Tori looks just like Truman! haha

  2. Natalie Tori is Truman & Tai's Little sister.

  3. Oooooh, That is awesome how well you did! 1st place! Right on. Love the ribbon! And the pirate picture! And the pic of Camry, and all the others! You are one busy bee lately! Keep up the good work!