June 18, 2007

Three week playtime at GDA

Denise is going to be without me for three weeks while I play at GDA. They say that I am in heat I still don't know what that means; but I get to stay and play here. On our way in to the kennel we saw the apprentice trainer (Patty) who was judging the bus during the puppy trials and said she new who I was the "first place puppy". Denise asked how come we did so well when I raced into the bus, Patty said that becouse I settled down after coming in was what she was looking for in my age group so that is how we scored so well on the bus.

See you in three weeks


  1. wow, you seem SO young to be in heat!! Have fun at Camp though!!! Will your mom go up and visit you??

  2. Three weeks oh my. Have fun at your playtime!

  3. Joanna that is what Candy the breeder said, that she came in to heat young and her girls are usally a year before their first heat.

    Kamra was nine months and Kali was seven & half months. when they came in heat.

    Yes I am trying to get my scedual to work so I can go see her on the weekends, but she most likely will not notice that I am gone. She dragged Tami into the back not even looking back at me. Hah she does that ever time I drop her off there.

  4. Aw! Three weeks! I don't think Jaylie could have managed...She hated the kennels. I left her in there while she was getting spayed for six days, (We went on a trip beforehand) And when I came back she was SOO excited...The kennels staff took her back into the vet room to clip her toenails, AFTER she saw me, and she was trying to stay there with me. Poor girl, I miss her so bad!!

  5. I just love GDA camp. Have fun and stay cool.