July 12, 2007

I am back

Hi everyone, I am back with Denise after my twenty five day stay at Camp GDA. I really did not want to come home yet. Now that I am out of my solitary confinement I was able to have a roommate. Homer a golden was my roomy and as Brooke the Kennel Tec. would say we were playing hide and seek, tag, and just having a grand time. I always love my stays at Camp.

Denise when is my next trip to GDA????


  1. Oceana! You silly puppy. We know now that you won't stress out when you go in-for-training! I'm glad you're back now! I'm still at a puppy sitters, since mommy went to a place with lots of people for the weekend.

  2. Glad you are home again and I understand all about the fun you had at GDA camp. I am going to spend a few days there myself....