July 22, 2007


I was going to go to the Gift Show at the LA Convention Center but Denise was not feeling well enough to go. So in stead she took Eden home with her while Peggy and Judy go. Eden is a 10 week GDA puppy. Denise will not let me rough house with her like I do with Andromeda so she gave both Andromeda and I a yummy rawhide to chew on. Eden is playing with all my toys she has pick my favorite giraffe, which honks when you shake it all around, is the best even though it is almost as big as her. It a good thing Eden is only going to be here for a few hours as she is taking up all of Denise attention.


  1. It was sure nice of you to let Eden play with your toys....

  2. Aww, Eden's so cute!! I hope she didn't hog the toys too much! Well, at least you get them all back now!