July 22, 2007

July 14, 2007

Today we spent the afternoon and evening in Hollywood. While we were waiting for some of Denise’s VF friends to come we walked up and down Hollywood Blvd. taking photos of some of the stars on the Walk of Fame. We saw Walt Disney, Judy Garland, Buck Owens, Snow White, Roy Disney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gene Roddenberry, and many others. When Don and his wife Diana showed up we went to the Hollywood Wax Museum, the Guinness World Records Museum, and Mann Chinese Theater to look at all the foot prints. The kids from Harry Potter movies were there yesterday and placed their prints in the concrete. My favorite was John Wayne boy did he have tiny feet for such a huge presents he had. At 6pm we took a bus up to the Hollywood Bowl to meet with the rest of the VF group who was also going to see the John Williams concrete with Denise and me. I slept on Matt’s foot for the first half of the concrete then in the second half I sat in the stair way and watch the LA Phil perform their incredible music like from Superman, Catch Me If You Can, Laurence of Arabia, Harry Potter, Gone with the Wind and more . When the Star Wars theme was played all the fans brought out there light sabers and were waving them back in forth. It was such a fun day with everyone at VF I can’t wait for the Second Annual VF Digital Scavenger Hunt in September to see everyone again.

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  1. Oh, that's so neat. Looks like you walked with all sorts of stars. I bet you were tired after that long day!