August 24, 2007

August 18-20, 2007

Saturday night after the Partner’s Dinner I went home with Suzanne and Jeff so I could go to the GDA Foundation Golf Tournament in Calabasas with them. I spent Sunday with Jeff washing and detailing the car. Vance my half brother who is a breeder for GDA did not want anything to do with me, that is okay because I played with Zahra a retired Breeder for GDA, and when I was not doing any of that I was playing hide and seek with Suzanne.
Today was the GDA Foundation Golf Tournament. I did really well with all the golfers and their little white ball ‘I did not chase a single one’. I spent the day riding around in a golf cart with Mike and handing out on the golf course. When it was time for the putting contest I was there with Suzanne waiting and watching for the okay release so I can go get the golf ball for the golfer and bring it back for him to hit it again like I do for Denise’s dad at the office but no one asked me to go get the ball ‘Oh well I guess I only can do it at the office’. Suzanne and Jeff dropped me off at home at 6:45pm were I climbed into my crate and fell right to sleep. (I will Post Photos as soon as I get them)

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