August 24, 2007

August 18, 2007

Tonight was the second annual Partner’s Dinner at the Ronald Reagan Library. Denise and I arrived at 4:30pm so we could explore the museum (free) before the Dinner. In the exhibit there were some of Mrs. Reagan’s dresses that she wore while they lived in the White House, also there is a replica of the oval office as it was during President Reagan’s term. Denise’s favorite piece in the exhibit was a bronze statue of five horses running free over the ruble of the Berlin Wall. At 5:30 we when to wait for the doors to open to air force one pavilion. While we were waiting some of the dinner guesses came by to give me lovein’. Denise & I signed in and got our table number then we when around to the plane were we took our photo at the entrance of the plane, no dogs are allowed on the plan but Denise saw it last year so we when down the stairs to go look at all the silent auction baskets & mingle. When I asked to go outside for the water bucket Denise did not know that the doors locked behind us so we had to hike all the way around the building (Denise in high heels) to renter the Pavilion. This Partner’s Dinner was to honor two puppy raiser families for there involvement in Guide Dogs of America, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Butler and Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Dillingham. At the conclusion of the night the Casino opened for all to play.

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  1. Wow Oceana, it looks like you had alot of fun! Too bad I was too young to go with Debbie and Jeff!