August 14, 2007

August 9, 2007

Today instead of meeting at GDA for Jessica’s Level III class we all meet at a shopping center in Northridge. Jessica put us all in to teams and armed us with clip boards and pins to complete a scavenger hunt. I was in a team with Fisher and Ringo, our team finished first, we had a huge advantage as Denise and Ringo’s raisers have done this hunt before. We climbed the stairs at REI to find the price of Crocs and then took the elevator down; last time I was here I was four and half months old and did not want to climb the stairs for anything so it took Denise the whole three minutes that the team we were with to find whatever item they were looking for to get me up the stairs but I did it. After all the teams finished the hunt we all had some water and took a group photo.

Puppies from Left to Right
Duke, Chester, Yasmine, Elke, Ringo, Fisher, Oceana, Kuma, Tori, Lambert, Stuwart, & Rica
Tori & Elke


  1. Tori sits just like her brother...ready to go into the splits at any moment, LOL....