October 08, 2007

September 29, 2007

Dinner With The Firemen

Dennis, our host and fellow puppy raiser, volunteered the “C” shift of the Pacific Palisades Fire Department to make dinner for the winning bid at the Open House silent auction. So, eight of us puppies and nine of our raisers came out here tonight to enjoy their hospitality. They let us do what ever we wanted in the way of photos. Tori and Fievel wanted to drive the Fire trucks… guess what, they let them!

Kuma and Yasmine wanted to see if the boots would fit them so out came these giant boots that are almost as tall as me!
Our raisers were then served this incredible spread of food (half a chicken, pork roast, twice baked potatoes, roasted red potatoes, rosemary bread, salad, grilled asparagus, brownies, ice cream, chocolate cake, cookie bars, and more… Again, I had to lay under the table and was not allowed any food. When we thought the night was over, the firemen told us that we get to ride in the fire trucks. Oh my gosh that was so much fun! Dennis was our driver and took us on a tour around the neighborhood. He showed us where some stars lived and a story of a rookie firefighter took off the side view mirror of one star’s SUV! Oooops!! I hope who ever wins this basket/dinner next year will have as much fun as we did.

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  1. How Fun!!! I love the pictures of you guys around the fire truck!