November 14, 2007

October 17, 2007

Tonight was the Ventura GDA Groups Halloween Meeting where all the raisers dress us puppies in our Halloween costumes. I was a Hershey Chocolate Kiss. Kuma was a skunk, Camry was a fifty’s girl in the poodle skirt, Harley was a dragkey from Shrek III and Wissel was a going to College puppy including her Bone Voyage sign and one way ticket to GDA College. There was all so a cow, a country girl, moose, Zero, and you are what you eat costumes. I did not win any of the contest scariest, cutes, most appropriate, original, or unique; but if they had a most vote category I would have won as I was only one or two votes shy from winning cutes, unique, most appropriate and original categories.

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