November 14, 2007

October 18, 2007

While Denise and I went out to lunch today we found out that the local fire departments were holding a fund raiser at the Woodland Hills Promenade Mall today. There were three different dunk the fireman booths, and at one of them the lady who was throwing the ball missed and almost hit Denise! When she picked it up and handed it to the fireman sitting on the water platform the lady ran up to the target and hit it making the fireman fall into the pool and a big splash got Denise and I soaked. There was also team relays using a hose wagon to lay out the hoses then had to attach the hose to a hydrant and spray a target off the mark. I really liked watching the teams run down the street with the wagon and when I tried to join them Denise stopped me “she is always stopping me from having fun”. Some of the local restaurants had food booths where they donated there proceeds from the event. It was really fun to watch the auction where the women were competing to win a dinner with a fireman; one bid was up to $1,500.00 when we left to go back to work.

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  1. Hi Oceana: we sniffed over to see whatcha up to. Looks like you enjoyed yourself!

    wagging tails from TX trio