November 29, 2007

October 27, 2007

Well Denise did it again! She has been working for weeks and today is the day were all my friend came out with there raisers and tested their Obedience skills and their raisers puzzle solving skills in a Obedience Digital Challenge (you may of read about it from Blitz and Camry). Denise had the teams running around Woodland Hills – Warner Center finding signs with commands (sit, stay, come, down, ect…) then add in two obedience stops, four quests (puzzles). Denise sent them on a bus ride where they had to place some cropped photos of art work at each station in order. Another quest (as one of the raiser says she does not want to see another Mall Directory again) is where you solve a soduku which sent you to the mall directory to finish the puzzle. At the end of the game we meet at the Mall food court were we had a turn in party for Wissel, Watcher, and “W” Rose. It was a good day. Who knows Denise might do another one!!!

Team #1 Pepper & Stuwart

Team #4 Beacon, Nidia & Puma

Team #2 - Camry, Wissel, Darcy & Nina

Team #3 - Harley, Duke & Sydney

Team #5 - Kuma & Elke

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