December 10, 2007

December 8, 2007

Today was GDA’s annual Holiday potluck party for all us puppies and our raisers. We played the candy cane game again; this game is each puppy gets three candy canes with our names on it to give one to our puppy friend that is behaving well. I only got three this year one from Harley, Mason and Drea so I did not win I don’t know who had the winning number this year but it was over five candy canes. Santa came to GDA again this year and he brought a snow machine also so my Santa photo has soapy snow drift in the background. Denise made my ornament again this year for the GDA Christmas Tree; it is a Gingerbread man with me sitting by his feet with a bunch of presents. I saw my 2006 and Kamra’s 2004 ornament. Let me go so I can catch the soapy snow Kingston and his "K" sister Tai, Truman, & Tori The Rolly Polly "L" litter

Truman - what you are taking someone elses photo not mine face

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