March 08, 2008

March 8, 2008

Today Denise & I meet up with Joanna & Camry at the Metro Orange Line – Pierce College Station to make our way to Union Station where we are to meet up with the Westside puppy raiser group in there outing to Pasadena at the Cheesecake Factory by ride the Metro Gold line. This year the Metro gave us our own private car with three security people to divert all other passengers to other cars. Like last year we walked the three blocks from the Metro Station to the restaurant but first we stopped for a group photos and getting busy. Our group of fifteen puppies in training & one working dog got the funniest faces from the dinners as we all files by to our tables some were what are all these dogs doing in the restaurant others were “look look at the dogs” & “is there a dog show in town”. Once we were all sitting most of us took a nap in puppy piles, then there were some of us me included tried to play. But if you were a dinner and had not seen our group file in you would have not know we were there. After lunch which again Denise did not share with me, we walked back to the Metro station for the trip back to Union Station. After saying good buy to everyone Joanna, Camry, Denise & I walked back to the Red Line to make our trip home. Camry taking a nap on someones feet on the way to Union StationWalking thru Union Station Up to the Metro Gold Line Waiting for the train Julie on the Gold Line Are we there yet The Walk to the Cheesecake Factory Still Walking A napping puppy pile Well these guys weren't Can I play to

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