March 03, 2008

March 2, 2008

Denise and I started our day early today; we woke up at 4am to get ready to be at the Metro Orange Line Pierce College Station for the 5am Metro to take us to the start line of the LA Marathon 5K. I guess Denise did not see that the start line had been moved from the Staple Center to Exposition Park about 2 .5 miles away plus the half mile of walking around the convention center and Staples looking for info of were the start line was and looking for another group of puppy raisers that drove. By the time we got to the start/finish line the walk was over so we crossed the finish line and received our medal (we did walk our three miles trying to find the start). We then went and explored Exposition Park to see when the museum of science or air and space opened (not till 11am and it was only 8:30am) so we sat down at the mile 14 marker to watch the wheel chair riders and the top runners race by. We left about 10:30am for our walk back to Metro station for our trip home we did stop on the way for lunch. Even though we did not actually walk the Marathon 5k we did have a great day.
Kingston and I wrestle on these steps. It was lot of fun rolling down then till our leashes stoped us. Here is the time for the leader male runner at marker 14

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