November 07, 2008

November 1, 2008

Today is Denise’s cousin Kelly’s beach wedding in Carpinteria and it has been raining all morning. Denise, Oceana and I drove up the rainy cost to grandma’s Carp beach house were we are staying for the night and Oceana & I are to stay in our crates while Denise is at the wedding. When we got to the house Kelly was at the house getting ready for her wedding and said to Denise “aren’t you going to bring your puppy?” so with the brides blessing I got to go to my very first wedding. After making sure Oceana was okay in the crate Denise and I climbed into the car to drive over to The Beach Grill at Padaro where the ceremony and reception is to take place were the sun had come out for the wedding. Denise says the ceremony was very nice but I took a nice nap during it so I could not tell you about it. After wards the bride and groom left for a photo shoot on the beach and Denise was told by many of the guesses that you did not know I was there till they saw me and what a great pup I was. Denise’s younger cousins (Denise has 29 cousins from 31-2 yrs) came and asked if I could go play with them and Denise said YES so I got to run around with all the kids for a little while. When the bride and groom came back I took another nice nap under the table while everyone had dinner or was being loved on by Denise newly engaged cousin Chris and his fiancé Samantha, Shhh they kept telling me that they were going to sneak me on the plane with them. The night went on and Denise was getting complement after complement about how good I am, why are they complementing Denise I was the one being good like always. After passing the bouquet and guarder to Chris and Sam, Chris put the guarder on me!!!! When the bride and groom cut the wedding cake Grandma Artner made Denise would not let me have any but Chris kept teasing Denise by asking if I wanted some too! I did but Denise would not let me.The party was still going strong but both Denise and I were getting tired so we said good bye to everyone and when back to the beach house were I climbed into my crate for the night, but wow are weddings fun.Catalina and the girls Jacob is not the only one that loves me My best buddy Jacob


  1. The wedding looks like it was a lot of fun. I went back and forth on whether or not I should try and take Stetson to a couple weddings (one was in Carpinteria at the polo club). In the end I decided it was better to get him a puppy sitter.

  2. There's a commercial hear that says that the bride is supposed to be the center of attention at a wedding. Guess they never thought of having a cute puppy to give her a run for her money.

    I've never been to a wedding. It looks like you had fun. Did you get any cake?

  3. Oh the Bride was the center of attention. Catalina slept most of the night under the table when the bride was at the reception.