November 07, 2008

November 2, 2008

Oceana and I woke Denise up at 5am like we do every morning but today she said it is only 4am so go back to sleep, we waited for another half hour before we tried again. This time it worked, Denise got up and took us on a really neat walk on the beach. When we got back Denise packed up all our stuff but Oceana’s crate to leave her at the house when we went over to Starbucks to pick up 4 traveler boxes of coffee to take over to the hotel where there all the wedding party and guesses stayed the night and were having one last gathering before everyone when home. Afterwards we when back to the house were Denise her cousins, uncles, Oceana & I took another walk on the beach before climbing into the car for the drive home.

Squeezed under the couch for a nap before go bug Oceana again

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