December 25, 2008

December 25, 2008 - Night

Denise and I picked up Grandma Brown for Christmas dinner and afterwards I get to open those really good smelling gifts under the tree. Grandma brought Lucy Lu also so Oceana, Andromeda, Denise and I went outside with Lucy Lu to say hi; but Lucy Lu was a little afraid of Oceana's BIG paws when she tried to play with her. I told Oceana the best way to get Lucy Lu to play is to lay down and stay still then she will come over to play. When it was time for dinner Lucy Lu went on my tie down Oceana and Andromeda stayed outside and I did a down stay on Denise's feet :o)
Finally it was time to open those great smelling boxes under the tree!
WHAT!!!! We have to do a picture in front of the first! Well that is all done finally now the smelly boxes :o) WHAT do you mean Jacob and Brittany get to open their boxes first! Lucy Lu and I are the youngest in the room this is so not fair and Jacob will not share his new truck with me. so I wait and wait and wait for my turn. Finally it comes and inside is a soft toy that I can't wait to shred apart when Denise is not looking.


  1. Hello!
    I saw you on DWB and wanted to stop in and say hello! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Maybe we can be friends!

  2. Your dogs are so well behaved Denise! Thanks for the Christmas Card.

  3. James you should of seen me trying to get them all to stay in front of the tree for a picture. they all will be sitting then I move to get the camera and Andromeda would follow me then I put her back and move to get the camera and Oceana and Catalina would take off. it took about 5 placements before they got the idea to stay there so I can take a photo them. I then made them stay all thru the present opening.

  4. Gilly would have eaten all the presents and Tovah would have helped.