December 09, 2008

December 3, 2008

Terry and I meet Denise and Harriet and Oceana at the LA Zoo parking lot in Griffith Park so we could trade back and walk the DWP Festival of Lights with a big turn out of puppy raisers with both PITs and CC pups. Our big group walked the mile long light display stopping every now and again to take some pictures then turned around at the end to walk back to the cars and to go home. But I did not go home with Denise! She traded me off again for Sage so I went home with Tina. Half of Oceana, Catalina, Harriet & (Terry)DashTilly, Tyson & Tanner half of the group coming to the end of the light displays the blurry group photo (my hands shake to much for the night setting on my new camera)

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