December 13, 2008

New Addition

Denise's Grandma had to put down her mini doxie Suzy because of deteration of the back we have been treating her since late August but the pain meds. were just not working and she was getting worse. So black Friday Grandma said good bye to Suzy.
On Saturday Denise, her mom, and sister with kids; left me at home while they went to go look at some toy poodle puppies to be grandma's new companion after looking at two other litters of puppies. There were three little red girls who all were very friendly and really gentle with Jacob and little Josh and very friendly with Denise. So they pick out one and brought it home to Grandma who did not know that they had been looking at puppies for her.
Denise was going to keep the puppy till Christmas, but Grandma was having a really hard time losing Suzy who was her companion for the last year after Grandpa Brown die. So Grandma's Shock and Joy to see this new little pup helped greatly with keeping her spirit up.
So now I have a new friend (Lucy Lu) to play with but I have to be very gentle with her.

1 comment:

  1. Awwwwww how cute is she!!!
    I'm sorry to hear about your mom's other dog,those dachshunds backs are really tender :(

    Erin, Bubbles and Texas (the dachshunds)