December 13, 2008

December 3 - 6, 2008

So I did not go home with Denise after the DWP Festival of Light! I went home with Tina and Sage (12 months) went home with Denise. I had such a good time at Sage's house playing with Elke (cc) and the two family doxies.
Thursday we hung I when with Tina to Curves in the morning it was not that much fun as all I did was a down stay for the whole half hour we're there. Later when we got home I was able to play again and I was it so the doxies chased me all over the yard. Friday I went to work with Tina at the Burbank airport were I did a down stay behind the check-in counter when all these barking dogs in their crates were being checked, later we moved to a flight gate were I did another down stay (Denise and I are waiting for the pictures to be able to show you all).

Now Sage she says that Denise took her to work on Thursday and did the normal 3 mile walk around Warner Center and on Friday they left work early on Friday to go down to meet Denise's family at Disneyland for dinner and the Pixar Play Parade. Sage says they left before the fireworks and snow but had a really good time playing with Jacob and Brittany and really enjoyed Toy Story Midway Mania where she watch Denise and Brittany shoot at all the targets at each of the midway game stops.Sage at the office The car ride to Disneyland Waiting for Denise's Family to meet up with us Saturday morning sage playing with Oceana in the backyard