January 27, 2009

January 24, 2009

Well I am back from my week long stay at GDA for my evaluation. I had tons of fun playing with my roommates and I also saw my sister Callie again who was also in for her evaluation. Jessica for the puppy department took me out for my evaluation and here's what report said.

Kennel Behavior: Good
Overall behavior: Good played well with roommate

Basic heath:
Overall appearance: good

Evaluation walk in unfamiliar area:
Response to people: Good controlled
Other dogs: excited but controllable
animals: Fine
loud sounds: seemed fine
Traffic: unphased
New handler: responded well
other: some Minor pulling while heeling at beginning of walk but settled quickly

OB Response:
Name: good
Sit: good
Down: good
Come: good
Stay: good

General handling:
Energy level: Moderate
response to correction: responded well did not need a lot of correcting behavior in establishments: good
over all stress: minor

Dog responded well overall in new area with new handler. fairly easy to handle overall. dog was not bothered by anything of note. good response to OB commands. Continue to expose to new areas as she matures. continue to practice OB in new areas.

So I did really well!

Now Denise says that we need to get THE CALL to be Spayed not sure what that is but Denise says it is one step closer to being a Guide Dog.

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  1. Great job Catalina! I get to go in for my evaluation this Monday.