January 19, 2009

January 19, 2008

Hi My name is Kendra I am staying with Denise for a few days while Catalina is having her evaluations done. I am not sure what evaluations are but Catalina will tell you about it when she comes back on Saturday, I came with Denise to the office were I made myself at home playing with all Catalina's toys.
Then Denise took out this monster that gave off heat I really was not sure about it but I kept going up to it to check it out at one point I tried to eat it's tail and Denise corrected me for it so then I tried to knock it over and it screamed at me, I really did not like that, but in the end I just ignored it and when and laid at Denise's feet.At lunch time Denise took me for a walk on what she calls Oceana streets (Oceana had a really big high traffic problem but she got over it). There were these metal plates all over the sidewalk that I had to walk over I was not really sure about it the first couple but I got over it and walked over them like they were not there even when they raddled. When we got back to the office Denise feed me and gave me water but I did not want the water in the bowl so I turned it upside down on the carpet :) Now I am sleeping at Denise's feet waiting for the end of the day to come so I can meet Andromeda and Oceana.


  1. Hey is Kendra a 'mis-marked' lab? I see bit of white on her back paw.

  2. How fun is that! Don't you just love sleep-overs!? Enjoy Miss Kendra!!! ANd I hope Catalina does a fantastic job,as I'm positive she will,