January 16, 2009

Voice your opinion on Vet tax

I receaved this from a friend

I am sending this to all of you with pets. The “Governor” has proposed to close the budget gap by extending the sales tax to cover all veterinary services. Can you afford to pay more for veterinary services? I can’t!!

Plus, shelters and rescue organizations would have to pay more, making it harder for them to do their good work.

Be an activist! You can voice your opinion on this (and believe me, it does make a difference!) by calling the Governor’s hotline and voting yes or no. It will take two minutes and is all automated so you don’t even have to talk to a live person.

The number to call is 916-445-2841.

The answering machine will direct you, just make sure you:

press 5 : “calling to voice your opinion on a current hot issue”,

then press 1: “the proposition to extend the sales tax to cover veterinary services”,

then press 2: “in opposition to the proposition”.

Please forward this on to any other animal owners you know.

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