May 22, 2009

Kamra Update

Kamra was retired on May 7th it was a very hard choice for her partner to retire her, but she developed allergies and what dermatologist wanted to do after trying all the drug therapies was way to expensive for them. So Kamra was retired and offered to me as a pet. This was such a hard choice for me as I have Andromeda and Oceana at home and I am raising Catalina and just asked for another puppy in August, I told GDA I will get back to them on Monday with my decision. So I called a really close family friends who watched Kamra grow up and fell in love with her then to see if they want to adopt her. They did so now she has a new family with two teenage boys who love her, puppy buddy and two cats who are not sure about her yet so they are in hiding and a POOL for her to play in.Kamra on her way to her new home

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  1. O no! So sorry to see that Karma was retired. Looks like she still had a good run with her partner, and she provided safe travels for the team. I'm glad you get to see her again and were able to place her with close friends! Can't wait for updates!