May 22, 2009

May 7, 2009

Today I spent a couple hours at Disneyland with Harriet & Dash yes we brought our raisers too. We were just wasting time before the Angles Game later in the evening. We spent about two hours sitting under the cool trees behind Grizzly River Run in DCA Today was also Dash's 1st Birthday Happy Birthday DashWe don't really care for shopping so we puppy piled in the corner of the store while our raisers took turns shoppingI sure do like the new boats at It's a Small World I can almost completely stretch out on the floor for a nap. Dash was more intrested in watching the waterWe saw Carry and Denver at the Park and took a few pictures together Denver sure is a nice guy I want to be just like him

Now it time to say goodbye to Mickey and his Parks we have to go cheer on the Angles

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  1. Looks like someone had fun:)

    The first picture is really pretty!