June 11, 2009

June 5, 2009

Today when Denise & I left the office for the weekend we did not go home but drove out to Pasadena to go to Centennial Pet Supply where they were having this great sale. I got THREE new Nylabones for the price of two and Denise says she was able to use three $2.00 off coupons also. I also got three bags of food and a new rope toy. I soooo scored in this shopping trip. At the pet store Denise & I meet Sammie & Sandy and then went to the Monrovia Street fair but it was not there I guess the planners were afraid it would rain. But Sammie and I had a great time walking the street and going into shops. Our favorite shop was the toy store where there were these life size stuffed dogs we also played with some of the other toys. Before Denise and I go home our raisers had dinner at this little BBQ place were the peanut shells are thrown on the floor and I was a really good tired girl and fell a sleep under Denise's chair I am not sure what Sammie did during my nap but I think she took a nap also. When it was time to go home Denise unwrapped one of my new Nylabone and let me chew it all the way home. This was such a great outing I hope we come back when the street fair is there next time. Pretty fountain in Falling Leaf Alley Catalina & Sammie on the City of Monrovia seal watch out he bites Wow I have two new friends but they don't want to play with me What all this fruit is plasticMr Twain will you read us a story Darn the new library is not open yet sleeping under the table at the BBQ placeLittle Red Radio Flyer

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  1. Looks like a fun time! The Mr. Twain photo is SO cute!