June 12, 2009

June 9, 2009 - Photo heavy

Denise & I meet Naina and her raiser at the Park n' Ride at 8:30am for trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts where we meet Dash & Lynne and Sammie & Sandy to see the Pompeii and Roman Villa exhibit but before tour time of Noon we when to the La Brea Tar Pits/ Page Museum. Catalina Can we go inside now
Naina, Dash, Sammie & Catalina
I like the Page Museum it is full of bones but Denise would not let me have one but she did take lots of pictures with me and all the bones. They were working on cleaning some bones of Zed a Mammoth who was found in one of the pits outside the museumSammieCatalina and Columbian Mammoth Fossil Bird found in one of the tar pits Sammie is showing us all the different sizes of Dire Wolf Skulls Naina thinks it is really neat that all these skulls were pulled out of the pits the theory is that the wolfs hunted the stranded animals in the tar and over the generations these are the wolfs that where trapped scavenging the pits Those are some big teeth you have
CatalinaCatalina just thinks it neat being this close to some of her ancestors ahh a Sabertooth Cat Family
The Page also had this really nice garden where one of the docent was feeding the fishes and turtles Dash, Sammie and I really wanted to get close and check the turtle out but there was a fence in the way.Dash Sammie CatalinaL-R Dash (sitting) Naina (sitting) Sammie (in a down) Catalina (in a down) DASH Catalina
After about a 90 minutes in the Page we took a walk down Wilshire Blvd. to IHOP were our raisers had a late breakfast/ early lunch so we took a nap under the table and out of the way. on our way to IHOPTina & NainaCatalina
Now it was time to go to the LACMA for the Pompeii exhibit Denise & I really enjoyed the whole exhibit and would of loved to take some photos of it but it was not allowed for fear of damaging the artifacts.
Once we left the exhibit we found ourselves in the sculpture gardens we even became part of some pieces to. Catalina Naina Sammie and DashBecoming part of the ArtTop Dash & Sammie
Bottom Naina & CatalinaCatalina Sammie Naina & DashCatalinaDash Catalina Naina & Sammie with Light Pole ArtNainaNaina is posing with Dollar Store Art
On our way back to the cars we took our last look around the grounds at all the different pits and the lake pit there were lots of baby pits just starting to bubble up to the surface so we were careful to avoid them. It was a good day I hope Denise takes me on another adventure soon. Naina Catalina Catalina Sammie and Dash Catalina watching kids roll down the hill Stay and yes someone was up there
Dash & Catalina Dash & Catalina


  1. Great Pictures Guys! Derby was happy to see some pictures of his sibling Dash. I remember going to those tar pits when I was in grade school...I guess it's been a while.

  2. Great pictures! I love the "dogs becoming art"! You all doing a great job with getting the pups out and about to a whole variety of places!

    Barks at ya!
    Luna and Sole' (and mom, Sandra)

  3. Looks like fun! All those pictures are adorable! I love the one of Dash and Catalina!

  4. I wish I'd known you guys were going to go -- I work in the building with the fountain out front, right next door to the Tar Pits!

    I have walked many a dog around those tar pits on my lunch breaks. :)

    Great photos!!!

  5. Oh that would of been fun if you could of joined us. I will defently let you know next time we are in the area.