June 10, 2009

May 20, 2009

Today Auntie Mary Lou picked me up from camp GDA and took me to her house till Denise & Sammie came to pick Auntie Mary Lou, Lyndi, & Me up for the Monthly Ventura GDA group meeting we all climbing into the car and went to go get Kasey and her little brother. This months meeting was a dinner at Souplatation and I saw my sister Calle who is staying with another raiser for a couple of weeks and then Yvonne from the puppy department came out and we did some obedience to get us ready for open house puppy trails. Denise handed me to Kasey and then she handed Sammie to Noami so she ended up with no puppies but she did have her camera so she took photos of all us working.Catalina & Calle (sitting) baby Arrogon walking thru the hola hoops taking a nap in the hola hoops Musical Stays Lyndi's very slow down Kasey and I are getting ready to start playing another round of musical stays Miss Polo Mr Pax Kasey Catalina & Calle Calle (L) & Catalina (R)


  1. wow catalina, you and Callie look a lot a like. Looks like you had a fun time, will you be at the open house on Saturday?

  2. Yes Catalina and I will be at Open House we will be at the kissing booth at 11:40 so stop by

  3. That little black pup is adorable! Looks like you guys had fun and will be very prepared for the open house!