June 03, 2009


I went to stay at a few days in the kennel after the Ride for Guide and Denise took home little Sammie who stayed in puppy daycare all day. Denise says she was really confused for a couple days calling Sammie my name, Kamra, ShyLee, and even Polo! By late Tuesday night Denise finally got Sammie's name right. Wednesday Auntie Mary Lou picked me up from GDA where Denise and Sammie came to get me & Auntie Mary Lou and Lyndi to go to the Ventura GDA Meeting. After the meeting Sammie went home with another raiser till her raiser comes homeSammie at the officeJennarae & Sammie under the table at the Bear Pit


  1. Wow! It looks like they did a great job with all that sawdust under their noses.

  2. Great photo's Denise, that sawdust is amazing.

  3. Those are so cute! I know how that is when I get a new pup I call it Conover, Andros, Gilly...etc.! I usually get their name eventually!