October 27, 2009

September 11-13, 2009

Denise for the last three years has participated or helped in the VisionsFantastic.com Digital Scavenger Hunt IV. The first year she brought Roxie, the second was Oceana, and last year was Gunnar so it's my turn this year. We are stayed at Howard Johnson hotel a 7 minute walk from the parks for the next two night.

Friday September 11, 2009

We arrived at HoJo at 1pm meeting Adrianne our roommate for the next two days and checked in early and then walked over to the park were we meet Pam, Eric and Gil over by Pirates and walked on the attraction but Eric and Gil are on a menorah hunt this weekend threw out the parks and found three in Pirates. After Pirates we headed over to DCA for a late lunch and a few attractions before we till we meet at 6pm for the VF meet for dinner if wanted and socializing. As the evening wore on a small group that we where apart of left the picnic area to make our reservation at the Blue Bayou restaurant were I took a nap under the table while everyone either ate dinner or just had desert. After dinner there was 20 minutes before the parked closed so we road Pirates one more time that day.

Saturday 12, 2009

After a good night sleep on my fluffy pillow we headed over to IHOP where Denise and Adrianne had breakfast then took Denise's computer over to the judging hotel for use later in the afternoon. We meet the 26 teams at the picnic area for orientation and the game books before they headed out into Disneyland. Denise, Adrianne and I where a dummy team so we could keep an eye out on the teams playing. For the first half of the game before the noon break we when over to Mickey's Toontown and watch a few teams take some photos of items from the hunt book.After the noon break we had a group photos before everyone left for the second half of the hunt. As the teams hunted threw the park for items a group of staff when over to Main Street train station to ride on the Lilly Belle parlor car which we did. Then we rode another two attractions before we headed over to innoventions were we watched part of Chicken Little before heading back to the meeting area to collect all the booklets and memory cards so we can head over to the hotel and grade the teams. I really enjoyed the judging where play with DaddyB before Denise saw what we were doing I was still in my jacket. After the award ceremony we headed into Disneyland for dinner and played till the park closed.

Sunday 13, 2009
Sunday Denise and I said goodbye to Adrianne at 5am Denise wanted to go back to sleep but I wanted to go out and start the day. I did not win Denise slept for another two and half hours before she was ready to start packing up to start the new day in the parks. After parking the car in the Disney lot we went into Disneyland for a half a hour before Gil called and said he was up so Denise could pick up her laptop and Gil could put his luggage in our car for the trip home later that evening. We meet Chris in DCA a wondered around before heading over to Disneyland for lunch where we meet Don, Dania, and Keri and hung out for the rest of the day till the park closed again. Now it time to go home! We dropped Gil off and arrived home 20 minutes later to my comfy crate were Denise and I both fell a sleep as soon as we lied down.

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