November 10, 2009

October 8, 2009

Today was my friend Sammie's puppy raiser's birthday so we went to Disneyland! Denise and I meet Sammie and Sandy at 8am so we could get Sandy's Birthday ticket.Once we entered Disneyland we ran into the Mad Hatter and Alice in the entrance plaza and Chip, Pluto, Mickey, Goofy & Donald Duck, in Town Square.Sammie and Catalina with the Mad Hatter and Alice Catalina and Officer Chip Catalina and Tiner Belle
Once we walked down Main Street USA we received a call from Peggy, Amy and ShyLee who are in the parking structure and will meet us in front of the Castle in 25 minutes which is just enough time to say hello to Tinker Belle and friends. ShyLee, Catalina and SammieAfter Saying hello to Tink we walked over to the castle at the same time ShyLee and her raisers arrived so we took a quick photo in front of the castle then headed into Frontierland we stopped at the El Día de los Muertos display and took some pictures (I sure have a camera happy puppy raiser :P )Catalina
Sammie, Catalina and ShyLee
We then wandered over to the new Celebration BBQ to see if we could get reservations for lunch which we did not that I get to have any of the ribs.Eli, Wody and JessieWhile over in Big Thunder Ranch Denise received another call from Tina, Dick, Cheryl, Eli and Naina who just arrived in the park and want to know were we are so Denise give directions over to Big Thunder Ranch. As Sammie and ShyLee are having their picture taken with Woody and Jessie Denise and I wonder out to keep a eye out for Eli and Naina and their raisers who show up and we join the group still in the ranch watching the goats and looking at the neat pumpkins that the Cast Members are carving. So we have some time before we need to be back at the BBQ so we head over to Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted mansion for a quick ride before heading back over for BBQ. Sammie, ShyLee, Eli, Naina and I get comfortable under the table while the ribs and chicken are being enjoyed on the table by our raisers. Catalina, ShyLee, Eli, Naina, and Sammie
After lunch we go over to It's A Small World and we run into Cruella De Vil who wants to take us back stage for a Labrador coat. We tell her no thank you we like our coats where they are and head over to It's a Small World then to ToonTown Station for a trip to Main Street so we can go over to DCA for Toy Story Midway Mania and Soaring Over California before the park closed early to get ready for the Mickey's trick or Treat Party.So we went back into Disneyland were we took some final photos in front of the giant Mickey Pumpkin and then to pick up items from the lockers before heading home. Sammie, Catalina, Naina, Eli, and ShyLee

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