November 09, 2009

September 25-27, 2009

This weekend GDA had a group camp out at Lake Casitas there was 38 sites and about 80 campers and just as many dogs (puppies in training 6 months and older, career changes and one guide). Denise and I arrived at the campground about 7pm Friday night and wow was it dark! After we unpacked we joined a group of raisers going for a walk and then sat around the camp fire till it was time for bed. Saturday morning we woke up early and took a nice walk with Sammie, Peri, and Winter with their raisers. We walked over to the playground and played on the equipment.Winter, Catalina, Peri and Sammie on their Saturday morning walk

Later do to the heat and flies we drove over to Carpinteria for the cooler weather and browsing threw the stalls at the flea market before heading back to the camp site to start dinner. Joise, Catalina and Sammie at the flea market in CarpinteriaGroup getting together for dinner Sat. night

After Dinner all the GDA campers gathered together for a desert potluck then headed to individual sites for camp fires or bed. The next morning after the big GDA hosted breakfasts everyone was getting ready to go home so Denise packed our car and then we hung out with Tina and Winter watching all the trailers and cars leave for home. But finally it was time for us to go home also so we could pick up little Fern from her sitters. It was a nice weekend visiting with everyone. Winter, Catalina, Peri and Sammie on their Sunday morning walk

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