January 11, 2010

December 9, 2009

Today Denise and I meet my sister Fenix, her raisers Bob and Kathie, and Rachel and Dale at Goofy’s Kitchen in Disneyland Hotel for Bob’s Birthday Breakfast. We meet sou chef Pluto before we entered the restaurant were both Fenix and I took a nap under the table while our people when to get their food at the buffet. While all us girls were waiting for the guys to come back with their plates the kitchen help Chip came by to see if there was anything we needed. Later when our people were done but were enjoying their coffee Chef Goofy came out to visit the table and boy was he fun to meet.On our way to Goofy's Kitchen Fern - Waiting for your table Fenix It's our turn to meet Pluto Fern and Fenix Now the whole group Kitchen Help Chip Fern and Fenix Fern giving Chip kisses Fern and Fenix saying hello to Chef GoofyWatch out Fern is driving the Autoia Car in the lobby of Goofy's Kitchen Disneyland Hotel.

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