January 10, 2010

November 14, 2009

This morning was another GDA obedience class today we worked on getting in and out of the training vans and the student bus. Then we switched stations to work on comes in groups in the community run area of the kennel. I did really well in both stations and Denise says after class we are picking up my sister Finley for a slumber party. At home we play, play, and play till it is time for bed. In the morning before Finley has to leave we play some more. Fern under the seat of the student bus Fern and Fia Finley Fern and Finley tug with a purple nylabone Fern won the tug and now Jacob and Finley are chasing her but Fern is really good at playing keep away A quick rest in the shade before they are running and playing again


  1. Looks like you two had lots of fun together. And that purple Nylabone is pretty cool!

  2. Sounds like a fun puppy class!

    Pawsome looking pictures:)

    Toby's Trainer (Raiser)
    SEGDI Raiser

  3. Love the last photo of those two, way cute!

  4. The one where they are playing tug is just so darn cute!