April 22, 2010

February 19, 2010

WOW today was a really long day! It started with Denise, Andromeda, Oceana, and I going to the office like normal at seven A.M. but we left at eleven so we could stop at the vets office for Andromeda to get he vaccines. Then we stopped at home and Denise packed the back of the car with her suitcase, our food, blankets, and a fold up crate. We all hopped in the car for a long drive out to pick up Brittany after school but we did not stop for long as we kept on driving south till we got to San Diego! Denise says we are staying the weekend, for her cousin Chris's wedding, but we arrived two hours earlier then they did so we stopped at Old Town San Diego for a walk around and a busy break while we waited for her parents and Jacob to get to the RV Park at Mission Bay Brittany, Fern, Oceana, and Andromeda.Fern Old Town San Diego Brittany and Fern. Jacob playing with Fern and Oceana who have been zip up together in Fern's create

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  1. Love the pics!! So cute, looks like a great place, may have to check it out now that I live somewhat close