April 22, 2010

February 20, 2010

Denise says we have a few hours this morning before getting ready for Chris’s wedding to go over and play in this park called Sea World. So Brittany, Jacob, Her mom and I climb into Denise’s car for a five minute drive around Mission Bay. I am still not very sure what Sea World is but is sure does smell good. Once we entered the park Denise says we should go over to Shamu stadium to see some fish that Denise calls Orcas. So we sit down and I got all comfortable in a little ball to nap and the next thing I know out of the water jumps this HUGE fish. I watched the show for a little bit but I decided that a nap is more important than watching the fish. After Shamu we walked over to Pet’s Rule show were tons of Dogs, Cats, Birds and a Pig do tricks the ushers asked us to sit up towards the top of the bleachers so I would not disturb the animal cast. I sat and watched as people came in to the show stadium and right before the show started I sat at Jacobs feet watched the show of all these dogs running around the stage pulling ropes and jumping in the pool! After Pet’s Rule it was time to go back to the motorhome so we all could get ready for the wedding.Some of the beautiful landscape around Sea World Park Yes I know Fern is not heeling but she still has a loose leash Lester and his girl friend have a fancy dinner at Pet's Rule Pet's Rule Fern just watched this catapilar as it worked it's way from between her legs into the next planter


  1. Love the catapillar pic! too cute, glad everyone had fun, the dog show looks like it would be a great distraction.

  2. Haha... love the caterpillar picture! It sounds like this was another very fun outing.