April 23, 2010

February 20, 2010 part II

We arrived at the wedding right on time and found prime second row seats. Denise says the ceremony was very nice but I took a nice nap during it so I could not tell you about it. After wards the bride and groom left for a photo shoot and Denise was told by many of the guesses that you did not know I was there till they saw me and what a great pup I was. Denise and I excused ourselves so we could walk over to the bluffs and take a picture and a quick busy break. When the bride and groom came back I took another nice nap under the table while everyone had dinner or I was trying to get baby Jonathan to drop some of his food off his highchair but he was to busy eating it all to see me. The night went on and Denise was getting complement after complement about how good I am, why are they complementing Denise I was the one being good like always. It was getting late and Jacob fell a sleep in papa’s lap (Denise’s Dad) while the party was still going strong but both Denise, her dad and I were getting tired so we said good bye to everyone and took Jacob back to the motohome were I climbed into my crate for the night, but wow are weddings fun.Papa, Jacob and Blue Puppy


  1. Lovely wedding! I suppose i'll be thinking of that soon, love the pics.

  2. Congrats to the newlyweds. Looks like a pretty spot for a wedding.