April 30, 2010

March 24, 2010

My sister Finley and her raiser work at Burbank Airport American Airlines so they set up a field trip for 8 of her puppy friends and raisers, so we could go threw the security and board a plane. The plan was delayed in Dallas and was not going to make it to Burbank till Midnight but we still got to go threw the metal detectors and were searched by the security. We even got to walk by the planes while they were taxi in. It was still a fun field trip even if we did not get to go on a plane.Waiting for all our group to arriveL to R
Todd, Louie, Valor, Finley, Echo, Ryder, Digby, Fern and Ember down in frontEcho being searched by security Finley going thru securitythe group entering the terminal from the tarmac Fern is waiting for her bag at the baggage clam.

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