August 06, 2010

May 28, 2010

Denise packed the car with her duffle bag and my bag and said we are going to Mule Days in Bishop, CA. I'm not really sure what Mule Days is, but I am ready for an adventure. We arrived at Pam and Ember's house to meer Kathy and her Girl scout troop. While the cares were loaded up, Ember and I played with the girls in the backyard till it wa time to go.On our way to Bishop we stopped to Letterbox which is like Geo Caching but instead you stamp your personal carved stamp into the box's log book and then stamp the box's hand carved stamp into your log book. Our first stop was at the Lake Isabella/Kern River Valley sign. We all ran across 395 to get it. Shhh - don't tell anybody. At the second of the letterbox, Denise and some of the girls deciphered a clue using a historical monument while some of the other girls sat on top and waved to the cars and trucks that passed by getting them to honk at them.

Later, we stopped at Fossil Falls, a lave rock landscape and found another box and I was able to climb on some of the lava falls. When we arrived in Bishop everyone unloaded the cars and then Denise, Pam and some of the girls went out to put out chairs to save our spots for the parade the next day while Ember and I played in the Girl Scout house with the other girls. When everyone came back it was time to go to bed so we could be nice and fresh for tomorrow.

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