August 10, 2010

May 29, 2010

This morning was the mule day's parade. The parade was LOADS of fun. The mule pack teams the wild "ass" women (a group of ladies who help rescue wild donkeys) and the horsed were so neat. I loved the costumes, wagons and the local school bands.Wow what is that Our Nations Flag Pack Team circles watching the parade UP! Yes it's the Cone of Shame What's next Oh Mr. & Mrs. Pack RatOne of the three school bands in the parade Antique Fire equipment I should of called Public Storage yep it's a dog crate and on another mule was the kitchen sinkPriefert hitchWild Ass Woman After the parade, we walked back tot he scout house where everyone packed a lunch and left for the fairgrounds to watch the packers in different events like the packer's scramble, and obstacle course, mule races and even a costume contest. the ground even rumbled with Texas Thunder when the Priefert six horse Percheron hitch entered the arena. it was really fun to watch when they wound up in a tight circle in a corner of the arena and took off at a full gallop around the arena. Playing while lunches are being packed Anderson's winning hitch12 mini mule hitch White Trash (mule) in the costume contest Mule Races Farriers race Texas Thunder making a tight turn waiting to for realise in and out of the key during the obstacle threw the gate and over the bridge wiving around the barrels Packers Scramble hurry up and catch your team and tack them up once the team is tacked up hop on for a run around the track and back into the arena.Four wide hitch (Copper Mills) After the show Denise, Pam, Ember and I walked around the fairgrounds. Two tired pups at the end of the day

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