August 22, 2010

May 30, 2010

This morning Denise, Pam, Ember and I went to Mass at the Catholic Church. When we went up for communion, I tried to shake but Denise would not let me all the way up the aisle. When we got to the front of the church, Denise did not catch me and I gave a really loud tail slapping shake in front of everyone.

After mass, we met our group at the park for a pancake breakfast with the local Lion’s Club before we left for Laws Museum. Laws is a very peaceful place with lots of old buildings to see and a nice green lawn and giant cottonwood trees for shade. They had a couple trains and one trolley to ride, but we didn't.

The girls were put on puppy duty so Ember and I had a great time exploring with them and around 1:00 pm, we met up with the adults and had a picnic lunch. The girls wanted to go swimming at the pool in town so Denise, Pam, Kathy, Ember and I stayed a little bit longer at Laws to explore. While we were there, some people asked Denise and Pam if Ember and I were the “Catholic dogs” so I guess we made an impression on everyone.

Denise and Pam

The Ass shoot with the Girl Scout Troop

Around 2:00 pm, we went back over to the park and pool where we dropped off Kathy to find the girls. By 4:00 pm we were all hungry so we went back to the fairgrounds for dinner and met Cari and her guide dog, Denver to watch the final show of the weekend.

The girls, Fern, Ember and DenverDenise & Fern, Pam & Ember, and Carri and Denver

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