December 23, 2010

June 28, 2010

Look who came home!

First afternoon home
Catalina & Fern playing in the pool
I received the phone call that Catalina decided she did not want to do guide work any more so I went and adopted her to be my forever puppy. I had her at home not even a week when Oceana, Catalina and Fern when to my grandparents to visit and I had the biggest surprise ever! my grandma who not a big dog person but been very inviting with my girls coming over, told me that she and my grandpa are going to adopt Catalina! Wow how can I say no, when Catalina already started sitting close to my grandpa who has early Alzheimer's while he sat in his chair stroking her head. 
 Catalina knew she had new job already and when Fern, Oceana & I left she had no issue being left with my grandparents who are already in love with her and was talking about going shopping to get her toys, bedding ect...  

Jacob and Catalina at Grandma's

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